Community Involvement Programs

Mystery Reading Program

Volunteers from the community read stories to Elementary classes and have discussions with them.

Field Trips/Special Events

CCCFS community volunteers assist teachers and the schools when there is a need for extra hands during special events in a classroom or at the school.

Guest Speakers

CCCFS maintains a list of volunteers that are willing to speak to classes and share their knowledge of a subject related to the classroom teachings.


State mandates require that schools have an extra person in the classroom during end of the year testing.   CCCFS volunteers attend a 30 minute training session and are able to fill this very important need.

Translation for Families

CCCFS has started a program for our non-English speaking families having a translator available during certain days and times where families can get assistance with questions or issues that may have. This translator acts as a go between to help get those questions answered.

These programs are a great opportunity for volunteers that are wanting to be involved but may not be able to commit to a regular schedule. If you are interested in discussing these opportunities further, please contact Karen Dudley, CCCFS Site Coordinator at 828-389-8586 ext. 1217