Our Story

Our Story

Clay County Community for Students, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization, which promotes and facilitates the coordinated delivery of existing resources to children and their families within a school community. CCCFS involves schools, businesses, parents, health and social service providers, churches and civic organization, bringing our community together in a spirit of cooperation and trust. Together, we are all working to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed. CCCFS became operational in 1998 and has achieved outstanding success in meeting the needs of students and families in our community.  CCCFS serves the entire school district PreK-12th grade with a total enrollment of 1376 students.

Clay County is a small, rural county (population of 10,801) located in the mountainous region of western North Carolina. We are a compassionate and close-knit community, but resources are very limited since the local economy is driven mostly by small businesses and tourism. As of 2018, Clay County has a median household income of only $38,801 and 27.09% of our children are living in poverty. Low family income has been proven time and time again to be major factor on a child’s academic and developmental growth.

Because there are no large funding streams available to rural communities, CCCFS exists to bring the community together to supply the necessary resources to meet student and family needs. In order to bring outstanding services and/or educational programs to our schools. CCCFS collaborates with dozens of different human resource agencies, numerous local organizations and churches, and a variety of Government agencies such as the North Carolina Forest Service, Tennessee Valley Authority, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service – just to name a few.

Here at CCCFS, we are always in need of mentors, tutors, volunteers, grant opportunities, and donations. If you or your child are in need of assistance, or if you feel you can help us in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can ensure that every child in Clay County can reach his or her full potential.

Our Staff

  • Theresa Waldroup
    Executive Director
  • Karen Dudley
    Site Coordinator
  • Pam Arrowood
    Student Tutor

Board of Directors

  • Greg Carroll, Chairman
    New Life Church
  • Andy James, Vice-Chair
    State Employees’ Credit Union
  • Jennifer Gibson, Secretary
    Hayesville High School
  • Phyllis Byers, Treasurer
    United Community Bank
  • Justin Ashe
    Jacky Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep
  • Jaclyn Ashe
    Jacky Jones Ford
  • Joseph Baker
    United States Forest Service
  • Donovan Byers
    Clay County Sheriff
  • Shelia Cody
    Nantahala Bank
  • Dale Cole
    Clay County Schools
  • Melissa Godfrey
    Hayesville Elementary School
  • Todd Goins
    Department of Social Services

Board of Directors (Cont.)

  • Stacy Overlin
    Hayesville High School
  • Heather Plemmons
    Hayesville Middle School
  • Clarissa Rogers
    Clay County Health Department
  • Pam Roman
    Clay County Chamber of Commerce
  • Jason Shook
    Clay County School Board
  • Zac Wadsworth
    Advanced Digital Cable
  • Becky Grindstaff
    Clay County Senior Center
  • Marie Gunther
    Clay County Transportation
  • Kirk Hatherly
    Hayesville First United Methodist Church
  • Lindsey Hodnett
    Hayesville Primary
  • Debbie Mauney
    Clay County Government